Help shape the Healthcare and Science T Level

We’re approaching a critical stage in the development of our Healthcare and Science T Levels and need your input on the Guided Learning Hours (GLH) that we’ve assigned to each Technical Qualification. Your feedback will be vital in helping ensure these qualifications meet your needs as a provider and set your learners up for success.

GLH figures have been refined through the development process following consultation with subject matter experts, including teachers and industry professionals. We’d now like you to look at the content solely from a delivery point of view, and tell us if the GLH we have allocated are appropriate in the context of the overall T Level programme. 

We’re approaching the end of the development now, so any further changes we make will be minor and unlikely to affect the GLH between now and our final submission- -so this is the perfect time to get your views. Please note, the GLH figures presented to you are for the delivery of the content only, and do not therefore include any reference to assessment times.

How to feed back

To gain access to the documents to review, please email [email protected]. You will then be sent a link to review the documents. We would be grateful if you could look at the content, then feed back any comments via the form below, or directly via email.

Submit your feedback.