Functional Skills Online Automated Feedback

For all English and mathematics online assessments booked from 10 April 2018 your learner will now receive their own individual score report automatically, at no extra cost.

Mapped to the Functional Skills Coverage and Range statements, the score report will support the delivery of targeted content for any re-sit requirements, as well as enabling you to target areas for development as your learner’s progress from Level 1 to 2.

Please note: For assessment bookings made before 10 April 2018, automated feedback will not be available. Bookings refers to the date the examination staff placed the booking, not the proposed assessment date. 

You may choose to reschedule any existing bookings from 10 April 2018 in order to access this new functionality. 

To reschedule an existing booking, please contact our Customer Support Team who can cancel existing bookings upon your request, allowing you to reschedule at your convenience. 

You can contact Customer Support Team on 0191 239 8000 or by emailing [email protected]

Accessing your learner’s score report:

The score report is accessed in the Results tab of the online assessment administration system, Secure Assess. Functional Skills results are released 6 working days after the completed online assessment is received in to the marking system.

Once logged in to the system, identify your learner in the Results tab, highlight the relevant learner and select the Candidate Report button at the bottom of the screen, or double-click on the learner’s result. This will load the individual report for your learner in a PDF, which you can download and save.

Understanding the score report:

To support you and your learners we have provided exemplar documentation of the score reports with explanations of the content: