Request for Assessment Variation

All external assessments must be delivered in accordance with the Regulations for the Conduct of External Assessment.

We publish set dates and times for some external assessments. Please reference our Qualification Specific Instructions for Delivery (QSID) which identifies the relevant qualifications and External Assessment Timetable for more details of the specific qualifications and assessment dates relating to your variation request.

Please complete the below form if you would like approval to:

  • vary the published assessment date
  • vary the published assessment time, beyond the permitted 30 minutes
  • change (or extend) the assessment site from your current approved location.

Please refer to the Regulations for guidance on examples for which we typically will/will not accept a variation. As a guide, alternative dates/times will not be considered for the following:

  • work experience
  • school function or closure
  • field trip
  • sporting events below international level
  • holidays and weddings
  • a learner’s personal arrangements

This request must be received no later than 20 working days prior to the external assessment (set date/time) or the start of the assessment window. Our Quality Assurance Team will get back to you with a response within 5 working days. If the request is received later than 20 working days, then we reserve the right to reject the request.

Please complete the following:

*Please note that we will not accept requests to change assessment/submission dates to an earlier date.
(Note that ‘as per JCQ Guidelines’ will not be accepted unless in reference to overnight stays. Please consider how learners will be supervised (with particular reference to monitoring electronic communications), how assessment papers will be stored and/or transported, and how invigilation will be undertaken. Note that, for date and/or time variations, the onus is on the centre to ensure that no contact is made between learners from the same centre or across other centres.)
Please tick to agree.