Access to Scripts Service – NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award qualifications external assessments


This service for Access to Scripts (ATS) allows centres to request a scanned copy of marked external assessment papers including marks awarded for each answer. The ATS service is only available for the Combined L1/L2 Technical Award qualifications.

All Access to Scripts requests will include a Clerical Check, to ensure that all marks or grades awarded to the learner(s) have been correctly recorded and processed.

Types of service and timescales

  • Priority – this service allows centres to receive the script(s) electronically in time to support requests for Enquiries About Results.
    • Please submit a priority request no later than 5 working daysafter results release to receive the script within 5 working days.
  • Non-priority– this service is intended to provide centres with learners’ electronic script(s) for teaching and learning purposes.
    • Please submit a non-priority request no later than 30 working days afterresults release to receive the script(s) within 20 working days. 
    • Please note if you submit a non-priorityrequest you will not be able to submit an enquiry about result.


  • Priorityservice - £15 per script
  • Non-priorityservice - £12 per script

How do I submit a request?

Complete the web form below. Only the centre Programme Contact or Exams Officer should submit requests.

Learner names

When uploading the learner name's please use this template.

What happens next?

You will receive an email from NCFE to confirm receipt of each request. Once the scripts are scanned a secure link with access to the scripts will be sent to the email address provided within the above timescale.

Please ensure the date you pick is the first day of the assessment window.
Please use the provided template to upload learner names.


I accept that NCFE will hold and process the information given electronically and may use it for purposes deemed relevant to this request.

I confirm appropriate evidence to support this application will be available within the centre for inspection, if requested by NCFE.