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NCFE Level 3 Extended Diploma for Entry to the Uniformed Services

Health, Public Services and Care
Learning Resources Available, UCAS, Nested Qualification

Level 3
Minimum entry age
This qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 and above.

This qualification is designed for learners who want to go on to higher level studies or into a relevant Uniformed Services role, and is suitable for use within a Study Programme.

UCAS points have been awarded for this qualification in May 2017 as follows: P – 48, M – 96, D – 144, D* - 168

What is a nested qualification?

This qualification is nested. Qualifications within a nested suite allow learners to be topped up to a qualification that is the same level and subject within the Introductory Certificate, Certificate, Diploma and Extended Diploma structure. This can be done by self-service through the Portal. Qualification nests and top-up pricing can be found in our fees list.

Qualification Specification
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This qualification specification contains everything you need to know about this qualification and should be used by everyone involved in the planning, delivery and assessment.

Summary of Changes
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This document summarises the changes in the qualification specification since the previous issue.

Features and Benefits
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This document outlines the features and benefits of this qualification for the centre, learner and employer.

Learner Overview
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This document contains all the information learners need to know if they’re considering taking an Advanced Learner Loan to complete this qualification.

Letter of Support
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Letter of Support from Sunderland College

Career Card
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This document will help learners discover career and progression options in this qualification.

Unit Mapping Document
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This document compares and maps the units of Level 3 Uniformed Services and Policing qualifications.

Uniformed Services Resource Factsheet
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This factsheet will provide support when researching some aspects of the qualification content.

Evidence and Grading Tracker
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This Evidence and Grading Tracker can help learners to keep track of their work.

Grading Calculator
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Our grading calculator will support you in estimating your learners' overall result for this qualification. Enter your learners' current or predicted grades for the internal units to estimate their overall result. Please note: this is for guidance only.

Internal Assessment Sample Task
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This document provides example tasks for internal assessment.

Using UMS to calculate an overall qualification grade
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This document will support you to calculate learners' overall qualification grade using UMS.

Mandatory units

  1. Prepare for a Career in a Chosen Uniformed Service (Y/508/4054)
  2. Develop Aspects of Physical Fitness for Entry to the Uniformed Services (D/508/4055)
  3. Develop Leadership Skills (H/508/4056)
  4. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (K/508/4057)

Optional units

  1. Uniformed Services Hierarchy and Routine (M/508/4058)
  2. Values and Standards (T/508/4059)
  3. Mental and Physical Wellbeing (K/508/4060)
  4. Carry Out Map Reading and Navigation Across Open Country (M/508/4061)
  5. Telecommunications in the Uniformed Services (A/508/4063)
  6. Understand Conflict Management and Personal Protection (J/508/4065)
  7. The Influence of UK Government, International Organisations and Media on the Uniformed Services (L/508/4066)
  8. Collaboration Between Uniformed Services (Y/508/4068)
  9. Emergency Planning and Response in the Uniformed Services (D/508/4069)
  10. Understand the Impact of War and Conflict on Uniformed Services (R/508/4070)
  11. Sports Coaching (D/508/4122)
  12. Skills for Land-Based Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (H/508/4123)
  13. Skills for Water-Based Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (K/508/4124)
  14. Outdoor and Adventurous Expeditions (M/508/4125)
  15. Understanding Discipline in the Uniformed Services (Y/508/4071)
  16. UK Legal Systems and Uniformed Services (D/508/4072)
  17. Crime Scene Investigation (H/508/4073)
  18. ICT in the Uniformed Services (M/508/4075)
  19. Volunteering in the Uniformed Services (T/508/4076)
  20. Human Resources in the Uniformed Services (A/508/4077)
  21. Security Procedures in the Uniformed Services (F/508/4078)

Enhanced Qualification Support Pack (EQSP)

Price (Inc VAT): £55.00


Qualification Support Pack (QSP)

Price (Inc VAT): Free


Students will still need to prepare a portfolio of evidence. We encourage centres to review our guidance on the types of evidence, and evidence capture, that we permit including e.g. the use of video, photos and other digital means of demonstrating knowledge and skills.

This qualification is in scope for alternative arrangements and if required can be awarded via an assessed grade from the centre.

For further information please see the adaptation addendum document below.

AT 60187906 V1.0
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