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NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Travel and Tourism

Leisure, Travel and Tourism
UCAS, Nested Qualification
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Level 3
Minimum entry age
What does this qualification cover?

This qualification has been designed to give learners the skills to work in the travel and tourism sector. Learners will gain those skills by successfully completing the units required.

Who is it suitable for?

This qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 and above.

The qualification is designed for learners who want to go on to higher level studies or into a relevant Travel and Tourism role, and is suitable for use within a Study Programme.

UCAS Points

This qualification has the following UCAS points:
D* 56
D 48
M 32
P 16

What are the entry requirements?

Centres are responsible for ensuring that these qualifications are appropriate for the age and ability of learners. They need to make sure that learners can fulfil the requirements of the assessment criteria and comply with the relevant literacy, numeracy and health and safety aspects of these qualifications.

How is this qualification structured?

This qualification is made up of 3 mandatory units and 20 optional units. Learners must successfully complete the 3 mandatory units and 3 optional units to achieve the qualification.

How is it assessed?

Internally assessed and externally quality assured

Do you need to be working to take this qualification?

If learners choose to complete the unit ‘Work experience in travel and tourism (J/507/8489)’ they will need to complete a placement/work experience.

What related qualifications can you progress to?

Learners who achieve this qualification could progress to:

•degree in Travel and Tourism
•degree in Tour Management
•degree in International Tourist Management
•degree in Hospitality Managements
•Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

Funding for our qualifications

Find out more about funding for this and other qualifications on our funding page.

Which type of job roles can you apply for on completion?

Learners may wish to apply for job roles in the following sectors/areas:

•travel and tourism

Qualification specification
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This document contains everything you need to know about this qualification in PDF format and should be used by everyone involved in its planning, delivery and assessment.

Qualification factsheet
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This document outlines the key information of this qualification for the centre, learner and employer.

Learner Overview
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This document contains all the information learners need to know if they’re considering taking an Advanced Learner Loan to complete this qualification.

Letter of Support - Bridgend College
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This document contains details of stakeholders who have supported the development of this qualification.

Using UMS to Calculate Qualification Grades
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This document explains how to calculate the total UMS value of a qualification.

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Qualification specification (Word)
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This document contains everything you need to know about this qualification in MS Word format and should be used by everyone involved in its planning, delivery and assessment.

Mandatory units

  1. The UK Travel and Tourism Industry (H/507/8483)
  2. Customer Service in Travel and Tourism (K/507/8484)
  3. Preparing for a Career in Travel and Tourism (M/507/8485)

Optional units

  1. Travel and Tourism Destinations (T/507/8486)
  2. UK Visitor Attractions (A/507/8487)
  3. Hospitality in Travel and Tourism (F/507/8488)
  4. Work Experience in Travel and Tourism (J/507/8489)
  5. UK Tour Operations (A/507/8490)
  6. Travel Agency Operations (F/507/8491)
  7. The UK Conference and Event Industry (J/507/8492)
  8. Marketing for Travel and Tourism (L/507/8493)
  9. UK Passenger Transport Industry (R/507/8494)
  10. Resort Representative Roles and Responsibilities (T/507/8505)
  11. Investigating Airline Cabin Crew (Y/507/8495)
  12. UK Airports (D/507/8496)
  13. Worldwide Passenger Airlines (H/507/8497)
  14. The Cruise Industry (K/507/8498)
  15. UK Heritage Tourist Attractions (M/507/8499)
  16. Responsible Tourism (Y/507/8500)
  17. Specialist Tourism (D/507/8501)
  18. Business Travel (H/507/8502)
  19. Storytelling for Tourism (K/507/8503)
  20. Tour Guiding (M/507/8504)

Internal assessments will go ahead in 2021/22, therefore moving away from results being based on Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) used in 2020 to 2021, where this has been permitted. Students need to prepare a portfolio of evidence. We encourage centres to review our guidance on the types of evidence, and evidence capture, that we permit including e.g. the use of video, photos and other digital means of demonstrating knowledge and skills.

For further information please see the 2021/22 adaptation addendum document below.

2021-22 AT 60179363 V1.0
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Pathway to progression

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