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NCFE Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Cyber Security

Information and Communication Technology

Level 2
Minimum entry age

About this qualification

The purpose of the Level 2 Certificate in Cyber Security is to provide learners with sector awareness. It will do this by introducing the knowledge and understanding in roles and issues relating to Cyber Security. The secondary purpose is to act as a stepping stone that will lead learners into studying Cyber Security at a higher level.

Who is it suitable for?

The target learner for this qualification will be an individual looking to gain a greater understanding or build upon their existing knowledge of Cyber Security issues. This will likely be with a view to studying the subject at a higher level and/or seeking employment in a Cyber Security related role.

What are the entry requirements?

Learners must be aged 16 or above. There are no specific entry requirements for the qualification, however a Level 1 or a Level 2 in IT would be advantageous.

How is this qualification structured?

To be awarded this qualification, learners are required to successfully complete all six mandatory units.

How is it assessed?

This is a competency and knowledge based qualification which is internally assessed and externally quality assured.

What related qualifications can you progress to?

Learners who achieve this qualification could progress to:
•Level 3 Certificate in Cyber Security Practices
•Level 3 Diploma in IT User Skills
•Level 3 Award in Cyber Security Leadership
•Level 3 Foundation Technical Level IT: Cyber Security.

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Qualification Specification
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This document contains everything you need to know about this qualification and should be used by everyone involved in its planning, delivery and assessment.

In the Know
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This document outlines the key information of this qualification for the centre, learner and employer.

Learner’s Evidence Tracking Log
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This document can help learners to keep track of their work.

Mandatory units

  1. Introduction to Cyber Security (L/618/1181)
  2. Understand Terminology Used in Cyber Security (R/618/1182)
  3. Understand Legal and Ethical Aspects of Cyber Security (Y/618/1183)
  4. Understand Common Threats to Cyber Security (D/618/1184)
  5. Understand Methods of Maintaining Cyber Security (H/618/1185)
  6. Working With Others in Cyber Security (K/618/1186)

Pathway to progression

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