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NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Retail Skills

Retail and Commercial Enterprise
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Level 2
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Important: This qualification will expire on 31/07/2022 and this is the last date we can accept learner registrations. The last date for certificate claims is 31/07/2024.

This qualification is a competence-based qualification which requires learners to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required when working in the retail industry, and is ideal for those working in their first retail role, or those who wish to progress in their retail career. Learners must be 16 to undertake this qualification.

This qualification also forms part of the Intermediate Apprenticeship in Retail.

What is a nested qualification?

This qualification is nested. Qualifications within a nested suite allow learners to be topped up to a qualification that is the same level and subject within the Introductory Certificate, Certificate, Diploma and Extended Diploma structure. This can be done by self-service through the Portal. Qualification nests and top-up pricing can be found in our fees list.

Qualification Specification
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This document contains everything you need to know about this qualification and should be used by everyone involved in its planning, delivery and assessment

Purpose Statement
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This document outlines the content of this qualification, who it’s designed for, and the opportunities it could lead to.

Qualification Factsheet
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This document outlines the key information of this qualification for the centre, learner and employer.

Assessment Guidance
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Assessment Principles
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Mandatory units

  1. Work Effectively in a Retail Team (T/503/5735)

Optional units

  1. Receive Goods and Materials into Storage in a Retail Environment (R/503/5659)
  2. Place Goods and Materials into Storage in a Retail Environment (J/503/5660)
  3. Keep Stock On Sale at Required Levels in a Retail Environment (L/503/5661)
  4. Process Customer Orders for Goods in a Retail Environment (R/503/5662)
  5. Process Returned Goods in a Retail Environment (Y/503/5663)
  6. Assemble Products for Display in a Retail Environment (H/503/5665)
  7. Hand-Process Fish in a Retail Environment (K/503/5666)
  8. Process Greengrocery Products for Sale in a Retail Environment (M/503/5667)
  9. Finish Meat Products by Hand in a Retail Environment (T/503/5668)
  10. Organise Own Work to Meet a Dough Production Schedule in a Retail Environment (A/503/5672)
  11. Select, Weigh and Measure Bakery Ingredients (D/601/4551)
  12. Hand-Divide, Mould and Shape Fermented Dough (T/601/4555)
  13. Maintain Food Safety while Working with Food in a Retail Environment (J/503/5674)
  14. Pick Products in a Retail Environment to Fulfil Customer Orders (R/503/5676)
  15. Check Stock Levels and Sort Out Problems with Stock Levels in a Retail Environment (D/503/5678)
  16. Maintain Moisture Levels for Crops or Plants (R/502/0854)
  17. Provide Nutrients to Crops or Plants (L/502/0853)
  18. Remove Unwanted Plant Growth to Maintain Development (Y/502/1214)
  19. Identify and Report the Presence of Pests, Diseases and Disorders (K/502/1511)
  20. Finish Bake-Off Food Products in a Retail Environment (H/503/5679)
  21. Glaze, Coat or Decorate Bake-Off Products for Sale in a Retail Environment (Y/503/5680)
  22. Display Stock to Promote Sales to Customers in a Retail Environment (M/503/5684)
  23. Help Customers to Choose Products in a Retail Environment (T/503/5685)
  24. Carry Out Promotional Campaigns in a Retail Environment (A/503/5686)
  25. Deal with Customer Queries and Complaints in a Retail Environment (F/503/5687)
  26. Demonstrate Products to Customers in a Retail Environment (J/503/5688)
  27. Process Payments for Purchases in a Retail Environment (L/503/5689)
  28. Process Applications for Credit Agreements Offered in a Retail Environment (F/503/5690)
  29. Promote Loyalty Schemes to Customers in a Retail Environment (J/503/5691)
  30. Provide a Bra Fitting Service in a Retail Environment (Y/503/5694)
  31. Follow Guidelines for Planning and Preparing Visual Merchandising Displays (D/503/5695)
  32. Dress Visual Merchandising Displays to Attract Customers (H/503/5696)
  33. Order and Position Signage and Graphics for Visual Merchandising Displays (K/503/5697)
  34. Dismantle and Store Props and Graphics from Visual Merchandising Displays (M/503/5698)
  35. Make Props and Decorate Fixtures and Panels for Visual Merchandising Displays (T/503/5699)
  36. Assemble Visual Merchandising Displays (D/503/5700)
  37. Follow Point-Of-Sale Procedures for Age-Restricted Products in a Retail Environment (J/503/5707)
  38. Provide National Lottery Products to Customers (L/503/5708)
  39. Enable Customers to Dispense Motor Fuel on a Forecourt (L/504/3744)
  40. Advise Customers On the Fixing and Care of Tiles (R/503/5709)
  41. Cash Up in a Retail Environment (L/503/5711)
  42. Promote a Retail Store's Credit Card to Customers in a Retail Environment (R/503/5712)
  43. Provide Service to Customers in a Dressing Room in a Retail Environment (Y/503/5713)
  44. Promote Food or Drink Products by Offering Samples to Customers (D/503/5714)
  45. Deliver Goods from a Retail Environment to the Customer's Delivery Address (H/503/5715)
  46. Help Customers to Apply for a Retail Store's Credit Card and Associated Insurance Products (M/503/5717)
  47. Help Customers to Choose Delicatessen Products in a Retail Environment (T/503/5718)
  48. Portion Delicatessen Products to Meet Customer Requirements in a Retail Environment (A/503/5719)
  49. Merchandise Plants and Other Relevant Products (J/502/0771)
  50. Demonstrate Make-Up and Skincare Products to Customers at a Beauty Counter in a Retail Environment (T/503/5721)
  51. Operate a Customer Record Card System On a Beauty Counter in a Retail Environment (A/503/5722)
  52. Give Customers a Positive Impression of Yourself and Your Organisation (L/601/0933)
  53. Protect Own and Others' Health and Safety When Working in a Retail Environment (Y/503/5727)
  54. Reduce Security Risks in a Retail Environment (D/503/5728)
  55. Prepare Newspapers and Magazines for Return to Merchandisers (A/503/5736)
  56. Check the Accuracy of Records of Hours Worked by Staff in a Retail Environment (J/503/5738)
  57. Using Web-Based Facilities In-Store to Achieve Retail Sales (D/505/9379)
  58. Advising and Supporting Customers on the Use of In-Store Web-Based Retail Facilities (R/505/9380)
  59. Maintaining Data Confidentiality and Security When Using Web-Based Retail Facilities In-Store (D/505/9382)
  60. Sort Donated Goods for Resale or Recycling in a Retail Environment (D/503/5664)
  61. Maintain Food Safety while Working with Food in a Retail Environment (F/503/5673)
  62. Load Orders for Despatch from a Retail Store to Customers (Y/503/5677)
  63. Provide a Counter and Takeaway Service (L/601/5016)
  64. Contribute to Monitoring and Maintaining Ease of Shopping in a Retail Sales Area (K/503/5716)
  65. Audit Stock Levels and Stock Inventories in a Retail Environment (A/503/5669)
  66. Manage Staff to Receive Goods in a Retail Environment (D/503/5681)
  67. Organise and Monitor the Storage of Stock in a Retail Environment (H/503/5682)
  68. Maintain the Availability of Goods on Display in a Retail Environment to Promote Sales (L/503/5692)
  69. Manage the Payment Transaction Process in a Retail Environment (R/503/5693)
  70. Choose Merchandise to Feature in Visual Merchandising Displays (H/503/5701)
  71. Manage the Use of Signage and Graphics in Visual Merchandising (K/503/5702)
  72. Evaluate the Effectiveness of Visual Merchandising Displays (M/503/5703)
  73. Contribute to Improving a Retail Organisation's Visual Merchandising Policy (A/503/5705)
  74. Help Customers to Choose Specialist Products in a Retail Environment (M/503/5720)
  75. Produce Staffing Schedules to Help a Retail Team to Achieve its Targets (K/503/5733)
  76. Monitor and Support Secure Payment Point Use During Trading Hours (F/503/5737)
  77. Motivating Colleagues to Promote Web-Based Retail Facilities to Customers (Y/505/9381)

Internal assessments will go ahead in 2021/22, therefore moving away from results being based on Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs). Students need to prepare a portfolio of evidence. We encourage centres to review our guidance on the types of evidence, and evidence capture, that we permit including e.g. the use of video, photos and other digital means of demonstrating knowledge and skills.

Students are still required to complete the work placement, but the focus should be on learning outcomes and evidencing competence.

Simulation is permitted in exceptional circumstances.

The adaptation addendum document contains further information of how learning outcome / evidence of competence needs to be met either within the workplace or via alternative assessment methods.

For further information please see the adaptation addendum document below.

2021-22 AT 60042783 V1.0
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