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NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business Administration

Business, Administration and Law
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Level 2
Minimum entry age
This qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 and above. This qualification provides learners with the knowledge that is required to work in a range of environments in a business administration role. Learners will know how to carry out administrative tasks such as managing information and supporting events and will be able to apply their knowledge in a variety of industries and job roles. This qualification is suitable for use within a Study Programme.

Qualification Specification

This qualification specification contains everything you need to know about this qualification and should be used by everyone involved in the planning, delivery and assessment.

Mapping Document

Links to National Skills Standards

This document highlights which of the Functional Skills link into the units of this qualification.

Summary of changes

This document summarises the changes in the qualification specification since the previous issue.

Features and Benefits

This document outlines the features and benefits of this qualification for the centre, learner and employer.

Learner's Evidence Tracking Log

This document can help learners to keep track of their work.

Mandatory units

  1. Principles of Providing Administrative Services (A/507/5881)
  2. Principles of Business Document Production and Information Management (R/507/5885)
  3. Understand Communication in a Business Environment (M/507/5893)
  4. Understand Employer Organisations (A/507/5895)
  5. Understand How to Develop Working Relationships with Colleagues (F/507/5896)

Optional units

  1. Understand How to Carry Out Business Administration Tasks (J/507/5897)
  2. Understand How to Provide Administrative Support for Meetings (L/507/5898)
  3. Understand How to Prepare Text (R/507/5899)
  4. Understand How to Store, Retrieve and Archive Information (A/507/5900)
  5. Understand the Administration of Human Resource Records (J/507/5902)
  6. Understand How to Use and Maintain Supplies and Office Equipment (L/507/5903)
  7. Understand Customer Service (Y/507/5905)
  8. Understand the Use of Research in Business (D/507/5906)
  9. Principles of Customer Relationships (H/507/5907)
  10. Know How to Publish, Integrate and Share Using Social Media (K/507/5908)
  11. Exploring Social Media (M/507/5909)
  12. Understand the Safe Use of Online and Social Media Platforms (H/507/5910)
  13. Principles of Equality and Diversity in the Workplace (K/507/5911)
  14. Principles of Marketing Theory (M/507/5912)
  15. Principles of Digital Marketing (T/507/5913)
  16. Principles of Team Leading (A/507/5914)

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