NCFE Level 2 Award in Employability Skills

Preparation for Life and Work
Shortlist for approval
Support Materials

Level 2
Minimum entry age
Credit Value
This qualification is suitable for pre-16 learners. This qualification aims to develop and enhance skills required for the working environment and improve learners’ confidence and communication skills in order to prepare them for employment or for a change in employment.

Qualification Specification

This qualification specification contains everything you need to know about this qualification and should be used by everyone involved in the planning, delivery and assessment.

Learner's Evidence Tracking Log

Free optional assessment workbook for Mindset unit

Mandatory units

  1. Understanding Mindset (K/506/7243)

Optional units

  1. Business and Customer Awareness (T/502/3536)
  2. Dealing with Your First Days at Work (J/502/3539)
  3. Understanding your Customers (A/502/3540)
  4. Understanding Motivation (F/502/3541)
  5. Understanding Work Principles (J/502/3542)
  6. Organisational Products and Services (L/502/3543)
  7. How to Keep Improving (R/502/3544)
  8. Setting your Targets (A/502/3554)
  9. Managing your Time (F/502/3555)
  10. Managing Information (L/502/3557)
  11. Presenting Information (M/502/3552)
  12. Presenting Yourself (T/502/3553)
  13. Problem Solving in a Place of Work (A/502/3537)
  14. ICT for Employment (D/502/3563)
  15. Understanding Innovation (L/502/3560)
  16. Creative Thinking (R/502/3558)
  17. Understanding Risk (R/502/3561)
  18. Understanding and Coping with Change (Y/502/3559)
  19. Managing a Project (Y/502/3562)
  20. Tackling Number Problems (A/502/3568)
  21. Following Instructions (K/502/3565)
  22. Understanding Your Responsibilities in the Workplace (M/502/3566)
  23. Planning a Budget (T/502/3567)
  24. Working in a Team (F/502/3538)
  25. Dealing with Conflict (F/502/3569)
  26. Working with Colleagues (A/502/3571)
  27. Working with Managers (J/502/3573)
  28. Valuing and Supporting Others (T/502/3570)
  29. Using Online Collaborative Workplace Tools (F/506/7247)
  30. Social Media in the Workplace (M/506/7244)
  31. Job Search Skills (D/502/3577)
  32. Job Application Skills (H/502/3578)
  33. Interview Skills (K/502/3579)
  34. Health, Safety and Security in the Workplace (D/502/3580)

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