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NCFE Level 1 Award in Occupational Studies for the Workplace

Preparation for Life and Work
Learning Resources Available, Nested Qualification

Level 1
Minimum entry age
Credit Value
This qualification is designed for learners aged pre-16 and above. The qualification is intended to be accessible to a wide range of learners of all abilities. Learners can develop a more 'hands on' approach to their learning and gain practical skills, knowledge and understanding in their chosen vocational area(s). The skills, knowledge and understanding gained may help learners prepare for work through real or simulated work situations and may contribute to preparing them for working life beyond education. The qualification is intended to give learners a solid base from which to further develop their skills and learning.

What is a nested qualification?

This qualification is nested. Qualifications within a nested suite allow learners to be topped up to a qualification that is the same level and subject within the Award, Certificate and Diploma structure. This can be done by self-service through the Portal. Qualification nests and top-up pricing can be found in our fees list.

Qualification Specification
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This qualification specification contains everything you need to know about this qualification and should be used by everyone involved in the planning, delivery and assessment.

Summary of Changes
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This document summarises the changes in the qualification specification since the previous issue.

Purpose Statement
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This document outlines the content of this qualification, who it’s designed for, and the opportunities it could lead to.

Occupational Studies Units List - Level 1
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This document outlines all of the units in our Level 1 Occupational Studies suite. It also denotes which of these units are available as stand-alone unit programmes.

Additional Assessment Guidance for units 59, 60, 61 and 63
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This document contains additional guidance for assessing units 59, 60, 61 and 63.

Learner's Evidence Tracking Log
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This document can help learners to keep track of their work.

Optional units

  1. Developing Skills in Garden Horticulture (A/505/4075)
  2. Sowing and Growing Techniques (A/504/9314)
  3. Cultivating Compost and Soils (R/505/0596)
  4. Cultivating Herbs (H/505/4278)
  5. Safe Tractor Operation (T/503/5850)
  6. Assist with Feeding and Watering Horses (A/600/0463)
  7. Introduction to Wildlife and Conservation (T/502/5142)
  8. Understanding Techniques used in Floristry (D/505/5512)
  9. Developing Bricklaying Skills (Y/505/4942)
  10. Using Painting Skills for Interior Ceilings and Walls (J/504/8523)
  11. Introduction To Plastering Techniques (R/505/4969)
  12. Floor and Wall Tiling Techniques (D/505/0746)
  13. Carpentry Hand Skills (R/505/0310)
  14. Developing Skills in Joining Materials Using Welding (H/505/5026)
  15. Mechanical Component Assembling Skills (Y/505/0700)
  16. Developing Skills in Routine Servicing of Mechanical Equipment (M/505/5028)
  17. Building a Cavity Wall (M/505/0315)
  18. Plumbing Skills (F/505/0481)
  19. Checking and Maintaining a Car’s Tyre Pressure and Tread (D/505/0603)
  20. Identification of Basic External and Internal Car Parts (H/505/0604)
  21. Motor Vehicle Workshop Tools and Equipment (A/505/0155)
  22. Health and Safety Practices in Vehicle Maintenance (K/505/4945)
  23. Introduction to Vehicle Valeting (F/505/3199)
  24. Basic Food Preparation and Cooking (K/505/4072)
  25. Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry (M/505/5255)
  26. Introduction to the Catering and Hospitality Industry (T/505/4169)
  27. Maintenance of a Safe, Hygienic and Secure Working Environment (M/505/4171)
  28. Sound Recording Skills (F/505/4174)
  29. Midi and Audio Techniques (T/505/4172)
  30. Exploring Digital Photography (K/505/4167)
  31. Develop and Use Radio Presentation Skills (H/505/4166)
  32. Creative Media Production Group Project (D/505/4165)
  33. Introduction to Advertising (M/505/4168)
  34. Sound and Audio Production Skills (A/505/4173)
  35. Designing an Interior (H/600/3079)
  36. Using a Camera and Accessories (J/505/4970)
  37. Photography - Using a Tripod (L/505/4971)
  38. Digital Graphics Editing (J/505/4967)
  39. IT Communication Fundamentals (M/505/4199)
  40. Understanding Business Communication (Y/505/4200)
  41. Using Fax Machines and Photocopiers (D/505/0827)
  42. Filing Skills (R/505/0825)
  43. Handling Mail (Y/505/1782)
  44. Working in an Office (L/505/1777)
  45. Supporting Business Meetings (H/505/1784)
  46. Careers in Business and Administration (A/505/1774)
  47. Developing Customer Service Skills (K/505/4198)
  48. Understanding the Control, Handling and Replenishment of Stock in a Retail Business (D/505/4201)
  49. Understanding the Business of Retail (T/505/4205)
  50. Understanding Customer Service in the Retail Sector (F/505/4210)
  51. Understanding the Retail Selling Process (J/505/4208)
  52. Displaying Travel and Tourism Products and Services (H/505/4202)
  53. Investigate Companies in the Travel Industry (K/505/4203)
  54. Worldwide Travel and Tourism Destinations (H/505/1803)
  55. UK Travel and Tourism Destinations (K/505/1804)
  56. Participating in Leisure Activities (L/505/0659)
  57. Taking Part in Sport (R/505/1330)
  58. Planning a Fitness Programme (F/504/8200)
  59. Styling Women's Hair (F/502/3796)
  60. Styling Men's Hair (A/502/3795)
  61. Colour Hair Using Temporary Colour (D/505/5025)
  62. Nail Art Application (M/505/5031)
  63. Basic Make-Up Application (J/502/3797)
  64. Problem Solving at Work (A/502/3585 )
  65. Working in a Team (F/502/3586 )
  66. Time Management Skills (T/505/0459)
  67. Improving Own Learning and Performance (L/505/0452)
  68. Introduction to Health and Social Care (Y/505/0745)
  69. Caring for Babies and Young Children (A/505/0740)
  70. Understanding Children’s Social and Emotional Development (A/505/0754)
  71. Understanding Changing Roles and Relationships in Adolescence (K/505/1284)
  72. Using Craft Activities with Children and Young People (D/505/0763)
  73. Undertaking an Enterprise Project (D/504/8866)
  74. Maintain the Cleanliness of Equipment in Logistics Operations (H/601/3708)
  75. Sort Goods and Materials for Recycling or Disposal in a Logistics Environment (J/601/3765)
  76. Moving or Handling Goods Manually in Logistics Facilities (M/601/3727)
  77. Receive Goods in a Logistics Environment (M/601/3761)
  78. Keep Work Areas Clean in a Logistics Environment (Y/601/3723)

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