Request a Support Visit from your External Quality Assurer

When you register your learners on our qualifications, we'll allocate you an External Quality Assurer who will carry out 2 free visits per quality assurance (QA) group per academic session.

You may find that you require additional support relating to the delivery of your qualification and this is where a support visit might help.

Support visits are focused on your individual needs if you require specific advice and guidance.  Whether you require some help planning and understanding the assessment criteria before you start to deliver the qualification, or are running a new qualification for the first time and need guidance on how to run, assess and quality assure it to make sure you are meeting our requirements.

Whatever your reason, they do incur an additional charge and can be requested at any time by filling in the form below.

Alternatively, if you feel that you require qualification specific in-house training, you can request a Bespoke Training Event.  This will be delivered at your centre and is more suitable for larger groups of staff.  If this type of training would be more suitable, simply complete the bespoke training request form.

Please note we are unable to offer EQA support visits for V Cert Model 5 qualifications