How to prepare for quality assurance reviews

This section provides you with the information you need to prepare for a quality assurance review.

Types of quality assurance reviews

  • Approval
  • Annual monitoring (AMR)
  • External quality assurance (EQA)
  • Moderation 

To ensure you’re fully prepared assign a Programme Contact, who’ll be responsible for:

  • Co-ordinating the review with all staff involved in the delivery of the product(s) to include any satellite or sub-contractor centres
  • Agreeing a date for the review to take place
  • Sending information to support the review within specified timescales. Referring to the tiles below for information required.
  • Ensuring at least one Assessor and one IQA is in place for each product.
  • Ensuring support is provided to Assessors from an IQA who will ensure they are standardised and internally quality assure their assessment decisions
  • Ensuring staff attend mandatory training, where applicable
  • Collating information and evidence required to support the review
  • Reading and disseminating quality assurance reports. Reports can also be accessed via the Portal
  • Ensuring actions within quality reports are completed within specified timescales
  • Ensuring inactive learners are withdrawn in a timely manner
  • Ensuring learner marks are submitted within specified timescales, where applicable. Our Portal User Guide explains how to do this
  • Exploring our website and sharing information and updates with colleagues
  • Communicating with us ahead of reviews

We’ll send information and updates to your assigned Programme Contact. You can view your Programme Contact in the Portal. If this information has changed, let us know so we can update our records. It’s important you keep this up to date, so you have the information you need.


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Conflicts of interest

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Course File Documents

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