Skills Forward

Skills Forward (formerly known as ForSkills) are one of the UK’s leading eLearning assessment solutions for Functional Skills and GCSE. They were the first company to introduce an online Functional Skills package in the UK.

They are a not-for-profit company, and are part of NCFE. Skills Forward believe everyone should have access to learning and the opportunity to develop new skills to progress into employment or further education and develop the skills needed for everyday life.

Their unique assessments, resources and summative assessments can transform how organisations approach Functional Skills, GCSE and the employability skills development of learners. Last year, they provided over 2.7 million assessments to the post-16 employability and skills sector.

This digital learning and development platform software is used by colleges, training providers and employers who want accurate visibility of learner progress across a variety of work-based learning programmes and to digitally capture evidence of a learner’s skills, knowledge and occupational competency.

Skills Forward work collaboratively with the sector to ensure the needs of their customers and the learners come first. They are driven by the individual successes of the people who use our learning platform and access our curriculum.

Skills Forward's website can be found here.

Skills Builder

SkillsBuilder is a comprehensive eLearning solution for Functional Skills and GCSE that incorporates Ofsted and ESFA compliant assessments, detailed skills diagnostics, video tutorials, progression tracking and innovative resources to aid skills development and increase workforce productivity.

Our eLearning platform is accessible 24/7, where learners and tutors can access all the teaching and learning resources, progression tracking and reporting dashboards.

The engaging, modern and skills reform approved learning content has proven to significantly raise standards of teaching, learning and assessment across a variety of vocational and educational environments.

Track your learners’ journey with options for target setting, e-portfolio evidence capture and integration. Distance-travelled from starting points can be measured by topic, individual and group.

SkillsBuilder is designed for colleges, training providers and employers who teach English, maths & ICT to learners at all ages and levels.

Build your learners’ skills with standardised industry leading assessments and access to the highest quality curriculum, whilst collecting the data and evidence needed to demonstrate compliance and learner progression.


Designed for anyone undertaking training, SkillsPortfolio is a digital portfolio system that manages the complete end-to-end learner journey and allows you to assess remotely, monitor learner progress, create immediate dashboard reports, and manage your quality assurance. It is fully compliant with Ofsted and ESFA audit requirements, giving you the evidence needed during inspection.

Benefit from the following:

  • Access to a bank of preloaded work-based learning qualifications and apprenticeship standards.
  • Bespoke programmes built to your specific delivery model / learner journey.
  • Built in Individual Learning Pan (ILP) functionality or option to use your own specified ILP
  • Customisable digital forms that can be built and added to your requirements
  • Add your own resources, course handbooks, learner guides and other company information at the touch of a button.
  • Monitor learner progress, participation in learning and generate real-time reports from a variety of custom-built data dashboards.
  • Review success criteria and export reports modelled on ESFA methodology.
  • Unlimited tutor, assessor, IQA, EQA and centre manager access.
  • Variety of quality sampling plans for IQA / EQA.
  • 20% ‘off the job’ training calculator and activity log
  • Evidence showcasing of learner work for employers and End Point Assessment (EPA).
  • 360° feedback function to review and feedback on pieces of learner work / evidence.
  • Integration into your MIS/CRM and IT systems.


Enjoy the distinctive features of SkillsBuilder and SkillsPortfolio on SkillsGo. Our new, simple-to-use mobile app allows you to record visits, add evidence, update Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) and capture real signatures, wherever you are.

With the added bonus of free access to our excellent bank of video resources in English, maths and ICT, it’s the perfect tool for assessors and tutors working in industry. Simply download your caseload of learners for the day and use your e-portfolio offline to capture and map evidence into the learner’s portfolio.

It makes working offline efficient and easy with all the functionality of the live site. All work carried out on the SkillsGo app can be uploaded once you have an Internet connection.

Learners can also download their portfolio and work on it offline and, like the assessors, upload any changes made.

The new SkillsGo app is available on iOS and Android. Simply download from the App Store or Play Store, use your usual log-in details and go!

Functional Skills Reform

Skills Forward have worked tirelessly to ensure thier curriculum and resources are current, state-of-the-art, engaging and, most importantly, meet the criteria of the skills reform.

They have worked with the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), the Department for Education (DfE), and external subject matter experts to ensure thier assessments, diagnostics, resources and mock assessments are quality assured and are guaranteed to appropriately prepare your learners for assessment.