Sample Papers

Sample Papers

Our sample papers give your learners an opportunity to practice taking an NCFE Functional Skills assessment. Our samples are also fully representative of our live assessments papers.

Our range of sample papers are accessible in three ways:

  • Paper-based – downloadable from the NCFE website, including mark schemes.
  • In-browser (Online) – accessible via your web browser, without the need to schedule in Secure Assess.
  • Online – ‘Practice’ test versions are available to schedule via Secure Assess, our online assessment system.

All Level 1 and 2 sample paper versions are available both online and paper-based. The associated mark schemes are available to download with the paper-based versions.

Top Tips

  • In-browser (Online) – once selected ‘Finish’ is selected or the browser is closed, you won’t be able to retrieve learner answers. We advise asking learners to leave the assessment open, for marking purposes. Alternatively, screen-shots can be taken so marking can take place later.
  • Paper-based - we recommend using the paper-based versions for assessment purposes and the Online or In-browser versions to allow learners to get familiar with the functionality of the online assessment system.

In-browser (Online)


Level 1

Level 2


P000294 (Owning a dog)

P000295 (Fears and Phobias)

P000328 (A Day Out)

P000296 (Laptops and Tablets)

P000300 (Trekking)

P000330 (Holiday Cottage)


P000298 (Cycling)

P000299 (Festival and Host family)

P000329 (Adventure Island)

P000297 (Community and Airline)

P000301 (TV Show and Microchipping)

P000331 (Competition Entry and Local Council)


P000291 (Going to work)

P000310 (Fruit Stall)

P000350 (Cycling)

P000292 (Marathon)

P000293 (Garden Centre)

P000312 (Swimming Pool)


P000268 (Advertising)

P000288 (Starting a Business)

P000337 (Circus)

P000267 (Premier Widgets)

P000289 (Wildlife Charity)


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