Legacy Functional Skills

Welcome to our Functional Skills area – here you’ll find all of the support you need to deliver our legacy Functional Skills qualifications and support your learners to success.

FS Legacy Result Turnaround May 2021

Due to the bank holidays, our results release will move slightly. These will still be in accordance with the 6 working day results release. 

Date Assessment Received/Uploaded

Date Results Released

Monday 26 April

Tuesday 04 May

Tuesday 27 April

Wednesday 05 May

Wednesday 28 April

Thursday 06 May

Thursday 29 April

Friday 07 May

Friday 30 April

Monday 10 May

Saturday 01 May – Monday 03 May

Tuesday 11 May

Date Assessment Received/Uploaded

Date Results Released

Monday 24 May

Tuesday 01 June

Tuesday 25 May

Wednesday 02 June

Wednesday 26 May

Thursday 03 June

Thursday 27 May

Friday 04 June

Friday 28 May

Monday 07 June

Saturday 29 May – Monday 31 May

Tuesday 08 June


Our Functional Skills external assessment results are released 6 working days from the date an external assessment is uploaded to our online system.

Please find updated cut-off dates relating to legacy Functional Skills below. These have been extended in order to allow sufficient time for existing learners to complete outstanding assessments, given the ongoing disruptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Cut-off date

Last External Quality Assurer Visit (including remote and review) for BAU and TAG

30 June 2021

Last external assessment - paper based*

30 June 2021

Last Paper Based Assessment booking**

18 June 2021

Last external assessment – online*

30 June 2021

Last certification date

31 July 2021

*all learners must complete the assessment by this date
**all learners must be booked by this date, no further bookings after this date will be accepted


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