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Updated Entry Level Controlled Assessment sets and access passwords

There is an update to the controlled assessments available across Functional Skills Entry Level Maths and English. Set 9 has been introduced and is the latest set of assessments, it can be used for any learner assessments being sat from 13 March.

You will need to get the passwords as normal, and access the assessments via the Live Internal Assessment Materials page.

The set 9 assessments must be accessed and dealt with in line with the Regulations for the Conduct of Controlled Assessment.

We are also retiring the set 7 assessments from the 13 March for Entry Level Maths and English. If you’re part way through an assessment with 1 or more of your learners using set 7, please complete the assessment as quickly as possible, then destroy the materials. You must not use set 7 for any learner’s assessments being sat after this, and they must not be kept for revision purposes.

For any learners sitting from now, you can choose which assessment is more relevant and use either Set 8 or Set 9. However if any learner needs to resit their assessment, you must choose a different assessment or their assessment will be invalid

The passwords needed to access the Functional Skills Entry Level internal controlled assessments have also been updated. The passwords are updated regularly to ensure security and integrity of our assessment materials. The updated passwords can be retrieved in the same way as previously; our guidance document is on the Live Internal Assessment Materials page. 

Supporting you through the Functional Skills reform

It’s recently been reported that there may be a potential delay in the release of the qualification specifications for the newly reformed qualifications. We understand that you’re eager to get the information as soon as possible to allow you the maximum time to set up for delivery before September.

We’d like to reassure you that at NCFE, we’ll be doing everything possible to provide you with information regarding the new qualifications and have a support programme in place over the coming months to ensure you feel confident with the content. Our submissions for the reformed qualifications have been submitted and we’re currently awaiting feedback from Ofqual. 

Our support programme will include continuing with our CPD delivery training events and free webinars as well as expanding on our support documents, which include preparation checklists, and mapping documents. Don’t forget we also offer a dedicated Curriculum team who offer free expertise in this area and can support you during this time of change. You can find further information within this news and updates page and we’ll be adding to this in the coming weeks. 

As always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can support you further, then get in touch and email [email protected].

Functional Skills reform

The Functional Skills reform is well underway and the new qualifications will be available for teaching from September 2019. We’re here to support you through the reform to ensure that you’re fully prepared for the new curriculum, delivery, assessment and more. As well as producing hundreds of learning resources and support materials for the new qualifications, we’re also hosting delivery training events, webinars and offering support visits to help our centres feel prepared and confident in their planning and delivery of the reformed qualifications.

If you’d like to find out more then get in touch – [email protected]

Functional Skills qualification submission

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve submitted the below Functional Skills qualifications to Ofqual for approval:

  • Entry Level 1-3 English
  • Level 1 English
  • Level 2 English
  • Entry Level 1-3 Mathematics
  • Level 1 Mathematics
  • Level 2 Mathematics

The reformed Functional Skills qualifications will be live from September 2019 and registrations on the current Functional Skills qualifications will close on 31 August 2019. If you’d like to discuss delivering the new Functional Skills qualifications in your organisation please email [email protected].

Functional Skills Mapping Documents

We’ve produced some useful mapping documents to help illustrate how the current Functional Skills content will translate to the reformed qualifications.

The documents indicate new content, content that’s changed levels as well as commends on content that may have previously been implicitly indicated.


Entry Level 1
Entry Level 2
Entry Level 3
Level 1
Level 2


Entry Level 1
Entry Level 2
Entry Level 3
Level 1
Level 2

Functional Skills reform – Preparation Checklist

From September 2019 your learners will need to be registered on to the new Functional Skills qualifications for English and maths, these will be available at Entry Level 1 through to Level 2. Registrations on the current qualifications close on 31 August 2019 and you will have up to 12 months for registered learners to complete.

We want to help prepare you and your assessors for delivery of these new qualifications, and we have prepared a self-assessment to make sure that you’re fully prepared for September 2019.

Take a look at our handy checklist here.

NCFE Functional Skills reform guide

We've created a quick guide to the reform which highlights the main changes you'll see in the reformed qualifications as well as some information on how we can support you through the transition.

Reform Calendar

Take a look at our calendar to see the key milestones of the reform and find out how we can support you through the changes.

English and maths for all? - 4/10/2018

The Functional Skills reform is under a year away from completion, with the new Functional Skills qualifications going live from September 2019.

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