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Internal Assessment

We offer all Entry Level Functional Skills qualifications which are conducted by internal controlled assessment. Level 1 and 2 Functional Skills English also contains an internal controlled assessment for the Speaking, Listening and Communication component.

Internal Assessments Guide

This guide will help with Internal assessments.

All Functional Skills controlled assessments are set by us and can be accessed below. The links for each subject open zip folders containing all relevant assessment material for each live set available. The folders are password protected and passwords are stored securely, accessible via the portal. Please note, the us customer support team or EQAs will not be able to provide passwords over the telephone or via email so please follow the instructions provided.

Guidance on how to access our Controlled Assessments

As soon as you register one or more learner(s) on a Functional Skills Entry Level qualification or Functional Skills Level 1 or 2 English (for S,L&C) you will be able to access the controlled assessments needed for the relevant qualification.

Assessor Instructions and Guidance for Entry Levels

Functional Skills Controlled Assessments Entry Level 1 - 3.

Entry 1 ICT Set 7 - The Drama Group

Entry 1 ICT Set 8 - The Bike Race

Entry 2 ICT Set 7 - The Drama Group

Entry 2 ICT Set 8 - The Bike Race

Entry 3 ICT Set 7 - The Drama Group

Entry 3 ICT Set 8 - The Bike Race

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