Functional Skills update

Functional Skills update: April 2022

NCFE are proud of our 6 working day turnaround for our Functional Skills external assessments, however we are obligated by our Regulator to refresh our bank of assessment papers on a regular basis. This requires us to introduce new assessment papers periodically to ensure our assessments are valid and current, incorporating the latest feedback.

As we introduce new assessment papers, they are required to go through an awarding process, using live learner data, to allow us to set a valid and reliable pass mark for that paper that does not disadvantage the learner. To do this we need to ensure that a respectable number of assessments are sat by learners in order to ensure a valid process.

Due to this, and for a short period of time, we will be putting our 6 working day results turnaround on hold. Once we have met the respectable number of assessments, we will return to our market leading results turnaround time.

Below are the details of when the new assessments will be introduced and when the results will be issued:

Assessment type

Assessment Date from

Assessment Date to

Results release date


1st May 2022

9th June 2022

15th June 2022


3rd May 2022

15th June 2022

22nd June 2022


Should you not receive the learners’ results within 6 working days after the assessment is uploaded to our online assessment system or returned to NCFE, if paper based, then you will receive the result by the above advertised date.