Request for Coloured Paper and Other Paper Modifications Form

NCFE Coloured paper chart

We have changed how you submit your access arrangements and reasonable adjustment requests from the 1st September 2021, and you should now submit these in the Portal. However if you are having technical difficulties submitting in the Portal, the form below can still be used if required.

Please refer to the NCFE coloured paper chart.


Before submitting a request for a modified paper, please ensure you've taken a look at our Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments policy and Guidance for Applying Access arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments.


15 working days' notice (prior to the published date of assessment or start of assessment window)

  • Enlarged papers
  • Coloured papers
  • Non-interactive electronic (PDF) question papers for use with computer reading/speech recognition software.

30 working days’ notice (prior to the published date of assessment or start of assessment window)

  • Braille papers
  • Tactile diagrams
  • Modified language papers

Please also ensure that you have registered and booked the learner(s) for the external assessment before submitting your request.

Please note: Failure to provide accurate information may result in delays to the processing of your request.

To submit a request for a modified paper, complete the form below.

Centre details
Qualification details

Qualification details

Please use a separate line for each qualification.
Please use a separate line for each qualification number.
CACHE qualifications only

Learner details

Please note: if you are submitting a request that is past our advertised cut-off dates, we may not be able to process the modified paper.
Required Modifications
What modification(s) does the learner require, and have access to as part of their usual way of working? Please provide as much detail as possible to support your request.
(For CACHE qualifications where papers are made available electronically, enlarged and coloured papers do not need to be applied for)

While an online test for Resonable Adjustments may be used to highlight a potential learner need, a formal assessment MUST be completed as per our regulations by a qualified assessor.