Thank you for submitting your request for coloured paper and other paper modifications

Thank you for submitting your request. Please accept this as confirmation that we’ve received your submission.


What happens next? 

Any requests for paper modifications submitted in line with the timescales outlined above will be processed within 5 working days of receipt, with centres sent an email to confirm their request has been processed.

Any modified papers will be dispatched at least 5 working days before the scheduled external assessment date or start of the assessment window.

Centres must submit requests for each assessment booking (including where there are different assessment components e.g. reading and writing assessments). This also includes resubmitting any requests for modified papers for any learners booked for a re-sit. 

Any requests for a non-interactive electronic (PDF) question papers for use with computer reading/speech recognition software, will be sent securely within 1 working day of the scheduled start of the assessment/assessment window.

Any requests submitted outside of our advertised timescales may be rejected.

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