Late Paper Modification Request Form

Late Paper Modification Request Form

We have changed how you submit your access arrangements and reasonable adjustment requests from the 1st September 2021, and you should now submit these in the Portal. However if you are having technical difficulties submitting in the Portal, the form below can still be used if required.

Please refer to the NCFE coloured paper chart.


If there are still 15 working days (30 days for Braille paper) or more until the start of the assessment, please enter your paper modification request for the learner on the NCFE Portal.

If your request is less than 15 working days (30 days for Braille papers) before the assessment, please fill in the below form.

For late coloured paper and/or computer reader submissions, other than for on-demand qualifications, you will receive a PDF of the assessment paper on the afternoon prior to the beginning of assessment or assessment window, for you to print off onto the required colour and/or used with appropriate computer reader software.

Please be aware that NCFE take no responsibility for the quality of any assessment paper printed from a Pdf, nor for the quality or accuracy of any paper approved by NCFE for photocopying by a centre.

For late paper modifications which are not coloured paper or computer reader requests please note these will be reviewed on a case by basis.

Before submitting a late request for a modified paper, please ensure you've read through our Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments policy, and Guidance for Applying Access arrangements document. These documents, alongside our portal user guide can be found via the link here.


Centre details
This should be the exams officer or appropriate exams contact.