Invalid Certificate Form

Please complete the Invalid Certificate Notification Form below if a certificate has been issued and the learner does not have a valid entitlement.

Examples of an incorrect/invalid certificate include (but are not limited to):

  • The learner's date of birth is incorrect.
  • The certificate lists different units to the ones completed by the learner, but the learner is still entitled to the award.
  • The grades (if applicable) are not reflective of what the learner achieved and were claimed by the centre. For example, the learner achieved an A for a unit, the centre claimed an A that unit, but the certificate has a C for the unit.
  • The qualification printed on the certificate differs from that which the learner completed or claimed. For example, the certificate is for Level 1 Functional Skills in English, but the learner was registered to and completed the Level 2 Functional Skills in English

NB: For the last two examples, you may be asked to provide supporting evidence

Please Note:

If the Learner’s name is incorrect on the certificate you should not complete the incorrect certificate notification form.

  • If less than 3 months have passed since the certificate was issued, please go to Portal > Manage Learners to update the Learner details. A replacement certificate will automatically be issued with the updated Learner name.
  • If more than 3 months have passed since the certificate was issued, please complete the Replacement Certificate Form. The centre should void the incorrect certificate and scan a copy to [email protected] and will be monitored from there
  • Important Information: There is a fee for replacement certificates, please refer to our Fees and Pricing Document.

Upon completion of the form below invalid or incorrect certificates should voided and scanned to CC&I team at [email protected] immediately.


To help us understand the scope of the issue, please answer the mandatory questions below:

Please note: human error is not a valid reason.

We want to ensure you've addressed the cause of the issue to prevent future invalid certificate claims for your centre. Please tell us;