Request for Reasonable Adjustments

Make sure you’ve taken a look at our Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations policy, as well as our new NCFE Guidance on Accessing Reasonable Adjustments document before submitting a reasonable adjustment request.

Request for Special Considerations

Please make sure you’ve taken a look at our Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations policy so you’re familiar with what special considerations are.

Enquiries and Appeals about Results and Assessment Decisions

We understand that there are times when a learner or centre feels a learner’s result is seriously at variance with their reasonable expectations. An enquiry about the result can be submitted by a centre on behalf of the learner.

Replacement Certificates For Centres

Important Information: there is a fee for replacement certificates, please refer to our Fees and Pricing document.

Request for Assessment Variation

Please complete this form if you would like approval to:

- vary the published assessment date or time, beyond the allowed 30 minutes
- move the assessment from your approved location to an alternative site.

Request for Proof of Achievement

Request for Proof of Achievement

Request for contextualisation of Functional Skills Controlled Assessments

This form is for centres to request validation of contextualised Functional Skills exam papers to a given activity.

Online Assessment

Online Assessment is a fantastic online software system that allows centres to deliver external assessments securely online.

Customised Qualification Writing Workshop

If you’re new to writing your own qualifications, NCFE can help. Our Customised Qualification Writing Workshops provide expert guidance to centres looking to write and structure their own Customised Qualifications.

Conflict of Interest Declaration

If you're running an NCFE qualification, you will need to declare any conflicts of interest within your centre.

External Assessment Late Entry Request Form

This form is intended for centres that have missed our published external assessment cut-off dates to enter learners for an external assessment.

Access to Scripts Service – NCFE Level1/2 Technical Award qualifications and Reformed Functional Skills English and Maths only

The NCFE service for Access to Scripts (ATS) allows centres to request a scanned copy of marked external assessment papers including marks awarded for each answer. The ATS service is only available for the Combined L1/L2 Technical Award qualifications and Reformed Functional Skills English and maths qualifications.

Invalid Certificate Form

Invalid Certificate Form

Transfer of Achievement

We allow the transfer of achieved components between Awarding Organisations for Functional Skills English, follow the process on this page.

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