Pre-Assessment Guidance

External Assessment Timetable

Our External Assessment Timetable contains entry deadlines, assessment dates, and results dates for paper-based external assessments.

These key dates can also be imported directly into your Outlook, Google or Apple calendar to aid your External Assessment Planning.

The External Assessment Planning document can be used for scheduling Assessment Window timetables.

Regulation Documents

You can find our required Assessment Regulation documents here, including the Regulations for the Conduct of External Assessment, and Regulations for Conduct of Synoptic Project.

Centres must ensure they understand the conditions under which their assessment must be completed, and adhere to these at all times.

Access Arrangements & Reasonable Adjustments

The Access Arrangement and Reasonable Adjustment policy, guidance, and form can be found here.

Centres must notify NCFE of any Access Arrangements or Reasonable Adjustments at least 10 working days prior to a learner completing an NCFE assessment.

Modified Papers

Paper modifications must be submitted through the Request for Colour Paper and Other Paper Modifications page.

Before submitting a request for a modified paper, please ensure you have read our Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments policy and Guidance for Applying Access arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments documents.

Please note: we do not allow centres to either enlarge assessment papers or copy assessment papers onto coloured paper themselves, this must be request in advance of an assessment.

For routine modifications, including enlarged papers, coloured papers and non-interactive electronic (PDF) computer technology/speech recognition-enabled papers, all requests must be submitted a minimum of 15 working days prior to the assessment date or start of the assessment window.

Reformed Functional Skills
  • English Level 1 & 2 Speaking Listening & Communication
  • Entry Level 1 – 3 Maths
  • Entry Level 1- 3 English

Controlled assessment materials can be found on the relevant qualification page, found through the qualification search.

Functional Skills ICT

External assessment materials (both sample and live) for Level 1 and Level 2 can be found on our ICT pre-release data files page.

V Certs

Our newly approved combined Level 1/2 V Cert Technical Awards include a synoptic project, and Level 3 Applied General in Business & Enterprise requires pre-release material.

Information about pre-release material for these qualifications can be found on the relevant qualification page, found through the qualification search.

Core Maths

The NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics for Everyday Life (Core Maths) qualification requires pre-release material for Paper 2. Information about pre-release material can be found on the relevant qualification page, found through the qualification search.