Maintaining DCS

Once you've achieved DCS you need to continue to operate to the high standard you already have in place.

You must have one review within 12 months of DCS being achieved/maintained and your EQA report must:

  • be graded 1, 2 or 3 for all criteria
  • have no outstanding actions from previous EQA report
  • include a minimum of one completed learner sampled and marked as ‘final’; other learners sampled can have ‘new’ or ‘mid’ status
  • be graded as A or B for reliability of assessment
  • for Reformed Functional Skills only include a sample of learners equal to the square root of submitted learners for controlled assessment or a minimum of 5 (where there are fewer than 5, a minimum of 3 learners must be sampled and marked as final). 

You must retain a sample of completed learner work to present to your EQA. Your EQA will send their sampling plan prior to your next EQA review to include at least one completed learner per qualification.

If you don't have a review with 12 months of achieving DCS, your DCS will automatically lapse on the anniversary it was awarded.  We’ll notify you 3 months and one month before the lapse date.  If your DCS does lapse, you’ll be required to meet the DCS criteria again to regain it.

Your DCS can be removed at any time for the following reasons:

  • You don’t meet the DCS criteria during your external quality assurance review (as detailed above).
  • Information from a range of external sources raises concerns eg complaints, suspensions or investigations which may lead us to review of your DCS approval. If this happens, we will contact you to discuss the issues and concerns.