DCS definitions

Not Achieved

You’ve not met the DCS criteria. The reason/s will be identified in the report and action plan.

First Report of DCS Standard

You’ve met the DCS criteria on the 2-visit pathway.  DCS is not yet awarded but will be achieved if your next review meets the criteria and takes place with 18 months of the previous review.

DCS Pending

You’ve met most of the criteria, but an insufficient number of learners were sampled.  DCS is therefore pending until correct number of learners have been sampled.

DCS Achieved

You’ve met all the DCS criteria so have achieved DCS.

DCS Maintained

You currently have DCS and have maintained this status following your recent EQA review.

DCS Lapsed

Your DCS has lapsed as an EQA review did not take place within 12 months of the date DCS was achieved or maintained.

DCS Lost

You’ve lost DCS during your most recent EQA review as you have not met the DCS criteria.